One of the more fascinating points of the game was when Vikings receiver Adam Thielen, not known for losing his cool in the heat of battle, did exactly that on Sunday at New England.

What was even more interesting was that it was Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the king of cool, who entered the verbal-tirade dance floor with him.

The Detroit Lakes native tackled that issue postgame Sunday, as his teammates also chimed in about where they thought things went wrong and how the team can improve from the 24-10 loss it suffered to the Patriots.

VideoVideo (02:44): After the game, Vikings receiver Adam Thielen addressed his heated interaction with Patriots coach Bill Belichick.
VideoVideo (01:36): Mike Zimmer was critical of his team Sunday after its loss to the Patriots.
VideoVideo (02:07): Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins breaks down how the Patriots slowed down the team's offense on Sunday.
VideoVideo (01:34): Vikings running back Latavius Murray said the team made too many mistakes to be able to beat the Patriots.