Ewan McGregor deserves credit for pulling double duty in "Fargo," but he's not the first actor to take on more than one role in the same TV series.

Patty Duke, "The Patty Duke Show": The teen actress parlayed her Oscar win for "The Miracle Worker" into this beloved sitcom about cousins who laugh alike, walk alike and sometimes even talk alike. The series went one step further in the second season with a brief appearance by a third identical cousin, Betsy.

Lynda Carter, "Wonder Woman": Lots of TV heroines have faced their evil dopplegangers, including Selena Gomez ("The Wizards of Waverly Place") and Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana"), but give a tip of the tiara to the Amazon warrior who battled a toy replica of herself all the way back in 1977.

Lisa Kudrow, "Friends": The only thing that got Phoebe Buffay more riled than someone ripping off "Smelly Cat" was a visit from her self-centered twin, Ursula, who was first introduced as the planet's worst waitress on "Mad About You."

Jeffrey Tambor, "Arrested Development": So many wacky characters popped by this cult classic, it's easy to forget that the acclaimed actor who played George Bluth "guested" as his weed-smoking, Lucille-loving twin, Oscar.

Tatiana Maslany, "Orphan Black": McGregor has every reason to gripe about costume changes, as does Nina Dobrev, who played multiple roles on "The Vampire Diaries." But when it comes to juggling, no one can match this Emmy winner, who has embodied almost a dozen clones.