A year at Hayes Elementary School

Throughout the school year, students ran in a color run, went caroling, played, learned and some graduated to fifth grade. 


Savanah Watson poses for a photo during the first day of school Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022, at Hayes Elementary School in Fridley, Minn.
Tabious Tanner, Anthony Tabor, Stefan Vranjes and Reese Hovde, left to right, throw colored powder on each other during the annual color run at Hayes Elementary School in Fridley. This annual tradition had to be put on hold for a few years due to the pandemic and students were elated to have it back.
Abdurahman Mohamed is covered in colored powder during the annual color run.
Aubrey Wagner sings a solo portion of a song while the Glee Club Choir performs Christmas carols during a field trip at Harbors Senior Living of Fridley Enhanced Assisted Living & Memory Care.
Emily Dahl, a second-grade teacher, works with her students on the addition of triple-digit numbers.
Amari McGraw-Williams, a second-grade student, practices his math by counting on his fingers during class.
Zoe Floriano Hernandez hides behind a cart of papers during a game in Emily Dahl's second-grade class.
Kacey Erwin, a second-grade student, plays on the monkey bars during recess.
Adiya McKay hugs fellow second-grade student, Kacey Erwin, left to right, during lunch after hearing that one of their friends may be moving to California.
Hector Saavedra kisses his daughter, Johanna Jeffries, a graduating fourth-grade student, on the last day of school.
Annika Veum, a fourth-grade teacher, takes a photo with one of her graduating students, Johanna Jeffries, on the last day of school.
Graduating fourth-grade students high five younger students on the last day of school. Students and teachers line the halls and high five the graduating class while cheering them on.
Salwa Ibrahim, a graduating fourth-grade student, enjoys the playground on the last day of school.