There are a lot of cool chargers out there that will charge multiple devices rapidly — and wirelessly. Nomad has what it claims to be the first positionless wireless charger in the Base Station Pro ($200).

If you have ever used a Qi wireless charger, you know a smartphone must be positioned just right on the pad for charging to begin. But this pad contains 18 overlapping coils that work together to form an electromagnetic coupling to your device's power receiver.

What this means is you can place your device anywhere, at any angle, on the pad. No more moving it around until you see the charging indication on your device.

With an aluminum frame and a black padded leather surface, the Base Station Pro can charge three devices at a time. Charging is done at up to 7.5 watts and the pad is powered with 30 watts coming from a USB-C powered connection. Compatibility is with any Qi-enabled devices, and as with any charger, times vary by device and the life of its internal battery.

A matching aluminum Apple Watch charging mount is expected to be available in mid- to late January. It comes free with a Base Station Pro order. If you already have a Base Station Pro, contact Nomad to get the free Apple Watch attachment once it becomes available. (