By Todd Nelson, filling in for Paul Douglas:

The historic storm that dumped 3 to 4 feet of snow across parts of the Eastern United States also became the second-largest snowfall event for New York City, dumping a whopping 26.8 inches in Central Park. It missed the top spot by only a tenth of an inch, as the February 2006 storm still holds the record with 26.9 inches. Regardless, this was a crippling event for several major cities that saw snows near the top of their records.

While some in the Northeast saw nearly a whole season worth of snow in one storm, the seasonal snowfall deficit has grown to more than a foot in the Twin Cities. A weak system will scoot through the region Monday with a light wintry mix, which will later turn to light snow. There will be a 1- to 4-inch band of snow setting up from eastern South Dakota to northeastern Minnesota. The Twin Cities might be lucky to pick up an inch of snow.

Our forecast then turns to a January thaw as temps climb into the 30s several times through the end of the month.