At one point Minnesota was a waterfowling mecca.  Abundant water and great habitat provided just what the ducks needed.  The Dakotas were dry and the migration seemed to shift eastward through the Gopher State.  As habitat in Minnesota has vanished and the Dakotas again have water, the talk on many forums, newspapers and magazines have turned to "Where are the ducks?".  They have a valid point indeed.  We do need to step up for waterfowl habitat.  Dennis Anderson has call for a "Duck Action Congress" to be a voice for sportsmen starting at The Game Fair and I support their cause 100%.  It would be nice for once to have a unified voice and not just a lot of little squeaks.

But it gets kind of depressing...

Reading what has been posted recently about duck numbers and habitat in this state could be compared to reading the Sunday morning obituaries.  But if anything, I'm here to share that it's not over yet.  Minnesota is in need for improvement for sure, but the opportunities for excellent waterfowling still exist. 

Our new video release due August 1st, 2009 captures hunts all over this great state and our goal is to bring some optimism to the headlines.  WE STILL HAVE EXCELLENT WATERFOWLING!  The diversity in waterfowling that Minnesota offers is really second to none.  We hope to capture that on film to encourage you to explore the options in our own back yard.  I truly believe that with a little effort you will experience excellent waterfowl hunts that will motivate you to do more for the ducks in this state.  Negativity breeds negativity but ducks in your face breeds a desire to do more for the sport you love. 

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