Meteorologists love arcane acronyms: NAM, GFS, and ECMWF, and words like vorticity. Another favorite is "persistence," which means the best first guess is to predict a continuation of the current pattern. Just go with the flow.

September was the warmest on record for Minnesota and Wisconsin — 6 degrees warmer than average. 2015 is on track to be the warmest year, worldwide. A stain of El Niño warmth in the Pacific is helping to push mild air well inland, deflecting the coldest winds across Canada.

80s on October 11? Impressive considering the sun is as high in the sky as it was on March 1: 11 hours, 15 minutes of daylight.

In 1977 the metro was still scraping 2.5 inches of snow off driveways and sidewalks on October 11, so no complaints. Today would be perfectly average for August 11.

A sharp drop in temperature turns on high winds tonight; a fleeting shower north of MSP tomorrow as the mercury free-falls into the 50s.

No rude, Canadian slaps brewing: 60s for highs this week; a slight chance of a metro frost by Saturday as we limp into fall.