The Traveler: Suzanne Woolery of Eden Prairie.

The scene: Woolery’s 13-year-old granddaughter, Lulu, walked on a white sand beach as the sunset lit the sky pink and blue on Cozumel, an island of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea, near Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

why this shot?: “No peers, no electronics! Yet being in the moment! You can’t learn this too soon,” Woolery wrote in an e-mail.

The Trip: Woolery took her granddaughter to Cozumel — a place she considers her second home — for a “special trip with Nana.” She wrote, “I take each grandchild on a trip when they turn 13 — just with me.” During the duo’s two-week trip, they stayed busy, beyond enjoying the beach. “We snorkeled almost every day. We volunteered at the Humane Society of Cozumel Island. We swam with 30-foot whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico,” Woolery wrote. They also visited with friends who live on the island year-round. “That was very special, too,” she wrote. “Many similarities but lots of differences, too.”

The equipment: Woolery snapped this sweet photograph with her iPhone 5. It was “just the perfect moment,” she said.

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