Here is our go-to spring cleaning checklist that will help you start the season fresh. The best part? We go room-by-room so you don’t have to do it all at once. It’s time to take baby steps.

The kitchen

• Clean the oven.

• Dust top of cabinets.

• Wipe off light fixtures.

• Discard expired food items from the refrigerator and freezer; wipe down shelves.

• Organize your pantry; purge expired items.

• Clean the stovetop, including burners.

• Wipe out the inside of the microwave.

• Scrub and polish the floor.

• Disinfect the counters, the sink and any tiles.

• Wipe out the inside of the trash can.

• Clean the dishwasher (put a container filled with white vinegar on the top rack and run a cycle).

• Replace any water filters.

• Wipe down and polish your cabinets.

• Sharpen kitchen knives.

• Discard chipped plates, bowls and glasses.

• Scrub out your blender.

• Deep-clean all pots and pans.

The dining room

• Clean your light fixtures (including dusty cords).

• Dust the molding.

• Dust cabinets; polish.

• Wash any table cushions and seat cushions.

• Vacuum and clean the rug.

• Wash and polish the floor.

• Wipe down table and chairs.

• Clean your china cabinet and any drawers.

• Wash and polish silverware.

The living room

• Wash or dry-clean throw pillow covers and throw blankets.

• Dust the TV screen.

• Wipe down side tables, coffee table, footstools, etc.

• Vacuum any area rugs.

• Clean out crevices in your couch with a vacuum attachment.

• Spot-treat your chairs and couches.

• Check your electronics for frayed wires.

• Replace batteries in remote controls as needed.

• Clean any light bulbs.

• Sweep out your fireplace.

The bathrooms

• Clean tissue canisters and other containers.

• Organize and clean vanity spaces.

• Clean toilet, including the top, side and base.

• Deep clean the shower and tub.

• Clean out any hampers and trash bins.

• Wash out toothbrush holder.

• Wipe towel hooks and racks, and toilet paper holder.

• Remove hair from drains.

• Wash shower curtain and rehang; change liner.

• Deep clean tile and remove mold; clean grout.

• Shine faucets; clean countertops; wipe mirror.

• Check linens; wash and replace as needed.

• Wipe down shower caddies.

• Sweep floor and mop.

• Wash bath mat or replace.

The bedrooms

• Rotate your mattress.

• Wash your mattress cover.

• Vacuum your mattress.

• Clean out your laundry hampers; disinfect.

• Dry-clean throw pillow shams.

• Dust any ceiling fans, and wipe down air-conditioner units and heating vents.

• Remove frames from the walls, and dust everything; replace.

• Wipe out any storage bins in dressers, closets, etc.

• Clean under bed.

• Wipe down mirrors and windows.

• Change your sheets; discard old linens as needed.

• Check pillows for fluffiness; replace when necessary.

• Organize both dresser and closet; donate old items.

• Wash the floor or vacuum (don’t forget area rugs).

• Clean the bed frame, headboard included.

• Wash stuffed animals in children’s rooms.

• Consider drawer organizers.

The home office

• Discard any old or unnecessary papers..


• Wipe down the floor and any baseboards; polish floor.

• Clean your desk..


• Wipe down your chair.

Take everything off of the bookshelf and wipe it down.

Use electrostatic dust cloths to clean your tech items.

• Vacuum your desk chair.

• Sanitize your phone, headset, etc.

The laundry room

• Wipe down drying racks.

• Do a deep clean on both washer and dryer (a load with white vinegar in the washer works wonders).

• Empty the lint trap in the dryer.

• Use bleach to clean the sink.

• Organize shelves and closet space; wipe down.

• Take stock of products; discard expired and order any essentials you are low on.

• Deep clean the floor.

• Deep clean behind appliances.

• Clean out the inside of your iron and steamers; wipe down ironing board.

• Wipe down hampers, hangers, etc.

• Dust off tools like vacuums and dust busters.

• Clean the bottom of your broom; rinse out your dustpan.


• Do a linen closet overhaul.

• Dust the inside of your dryer hose with an extendible duster or a vacuum attachment.