Clint Eastwood's R-rated Iraq war drama "American Sniper" opened in January like a superhero movie in July, taking in a record $105.3 million over the Martin Luther King Jr. four-day weekend.

The film's unprecedented success obliterated forecasts and set numerous box-office records. It easily surpassed "Avatar" to become the biggest January weekend ever.

The resounding wide-release opening is also tops for the 84-year-old Eastwood, whose previous best weekend was the $29.5 million wide release of 2009's "Gran Torino. And it, in one weekend, gives the Oscar best-picture race something it was lacking: a big ol' box-office hit.

"American Sniper," nominated for six Academy Awards, immediately becomes the top grosser of the best-picture nominees.

Hip-hop exec dies at 26

ASAP Yams, the hip-hop executive who helped start the career of ASAP Rocky, the popular Harlem rapper whose 2013 studio album "Long.Live.ASAP" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, has died. He was 26. The circumstances of his death were not immediately available. ASAP Yams, whose real name was Steven Rodriguez, was a co-owner of the ASAP Worldwide label and a founder of the ASAP Mob collective of rappers, producers, video directors and fashion designers, many of whom also carry the ASAP name, including the rapper ASAP Ferg. Yams, who grew up at the southern edge of Harlem, preferred to be the "mastermind behind the scenes," ASAP Rocky told the New York Times in 2013. The pair met in 2008 through mutual friends and worked together in the studio to create Rocky's sound. "Rocky's like Luke Skywalker, and I'm Yoda," Yams said.

actor arrested: Nadji Jeter — the actor who played the role of Andres McKenzie, the son of Chris Rock's character in the movie "Grown Ups" — has been arrested for investigation of driving under the influence of marijuana. Burbank, Calif., police pulled Jeter over Saturday for an alleged traffic violation and was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was released after he was sober with a misdemeanor citation.

Model hit by train: A fitness model and actor who previously shot workout videos on railroad tracks was struck and killed by a train during filming near Los Angeles. Two men were videotaping George Plitt Jr., 37, on the tracks north of the Burbank, Calif., train station when Plitt was hit by a passenger train, according to a police spokesman. Investigators have ruled out a suicide and were trying to determine who directed the men to film on a restricted area of the tracks Saturday. Witnesses said the train's horn was blaring as it approached.

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