2020 is the year of chronic fatigue: pandemic fatigue, election fatigue, weather fatigue. At least we have boasting rights. Assuming no more snow falls by Saturday night (hey, it's 2020 — anything is possible) October will end with a record-breaking 9.3 inches of snow, beating the old MSP record of 8.2 inches (October 1991). Statewide, October snowfall was 3 to 10 inches above average.

Every action has a reaction. Last week's slushy tantrum gives way to a mild spell next week with 50s and 60s. Not too shabby, considering the sun is as high in the sky as it is during the second week of February.

Halloween weather should be mercifully quiet, with some sunshine and 50s. No spooky weather surprises on the Doppler this year. Gusty winds usher cooler air into Minnesota on Sunday, but a rapid temperature rebound is likely next week, with a potential for three or four days above 60F. A cool correction arrives by mid-month, but I don't see any polar swipes.

My neighbor still has his boat in. He saw this warm front coming. Smart guy.