Here's a query not so much about athletic endeavors as it is about life and habits.

See, we have a very particular running shoe that we like. Until we bought this shoe, we could not run long distances. Since then, we have run a marathon in these shoes and then some. It is not the shoe alone that has helped us do this, but the footwear has certainly helped. We've had our only pair of these shoes for about a year and a half. We've put somewhere between 800 and 1,000 miles on them, in addition to using them on other athletic equipment like elliptical machines and such. That is probably not recommended. They are very worn out. And we have tried to replace them. We constantly look for other shoes. We even bought a new pair, ran a few times in them, and then tossed them to the side. They just weren't right. Too heavy. Just not the same.

So: from time to time, we will go online to see if we can find the exact shoes we love so much. The problem: when we bought them, they were already on clearance and we're not sure if they were discontinued or what, but they were just impossible to find. (Note: the pictured shoe is not the shoe in question. We will not name the shoe in question, partially because we don't have a picture of them and partially because we don't want anyone chasing these shoes down as well. Because they are magic, and we will not have you STEALING WHAT IS OURS).

In any event, we were looking online the other day, and we actually found the shoes. They were a different color, but they appear to be the exact same shoe. In our size. And for a very reasonable price. So we ordered one pair. We're now eagerly awaiting them. Seriously, every day we wonder when they might show up. It's a sickness. But whatever.

Now the big question: assuming we get the shoes in a few days, and assuming these are really the shoes we have been coveting, we're wondering if we should stock up. Seriously, maybe buy an extra pair? Two extra pairs? More? How many pairs would satisfy us? We don't know.

Technology will undoubtedly lead to a better shoe in the coming years. Truthfully, there are probably countless better shoes out there right now. But we BELIEVE in these shoes. So how many pairs can we/should we buy, and what does it say about us that we're considering buying multiple pairs of running shoes that most people wouldn't consider very special at all?

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