inside peek Mille

The origin: Mille got its start a decade ago in owner Michelle LeBlanc's home. "I had always worked in boutiques and then, after I had kids, I had a getting-dressed-after-baby blog," she says. "I sold things through the blog for a couple of years." Seven years ago, Mille became a brick-and-mortar in south Minneapolis β€” and expanded its offerings to include chic, stylish clothing for all women (moms or not).

What you'll find: The kind of clothes you can pick up off the side of your bed, toss on and look amazing. Mille is where you head when you "want something super cute, interesting, and also comfortable," says LeBlanc, who is married to Star Tribune music critic Chris Riemenschneider. The boutique specializes in effortless outfits that can be worn just as easily on a business trip as picking up the kids from soccer, and most have a vacation vibe. "I hate cold weather and I'm always thinking of a tropical vacation," she says.

Pieces tend toward the feminine, and all of them have a cool factor. This year, LeBlanc launched her own in-house line (called, of course, Mille), with tops, skirts and dresses in the same romantic style.

What Mille is carrying for fall: High-waisted army pants, classic blazers, trenches with special details, fun prints and tops with cool sleeves. "I never turn down a good oversized sleeve with a ruffle," says LeBlanc. "I like my 'Seinfeld' pirate shirts."

Get the goods: The shop has regular hours (4760 Grand Av. S., Mpls.), but most of its business still happens online, at

β€” Laine Bergeson Becco