Star Tribune opinion editor’s note: Michael Bloomberg, owner of Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Opinion, has formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president. Star Tribune Opinion has long included articles from these sources among its wire-service selections and will continue to do so, judging them on their merits in comparison with other articles available at the time of publication. A note posted by Bloomberg Opinion on its website follows:

Mike Bloomberg, our owner and publisher, is running for president. This is uncharted terrain for an opinion section attached to a wider news organization.

Here is how Bloomberg Opinion plans to approach the campaign:

We will have no contact with the candidate or his campaign about what we’ve written or might write. We have also decided that it is wisest to suspend publication of our unsigned editorials so long as Mike is a candidate. Members of the editorial board will write and edit in other capacities within Bloomberg Opinion. Because our columnists have always spoken for themselves, they will continue as before — though columnists will still refrain from endorsing candidates, a policy we have had in place since we started in 2011. Finally, we will not publish op-ed articles that relate to or are affiliated with any candidate or any presidential campaign, including Mike’s.