KARE 11's Trisha Volpe married KSTP-TV's Bob McNaney on June 11.

There is a wedding day photo posted on MyTalk1071 .com's Ian & Margery page which you can see at www.startribune.com/a514. Volpe also posted a photo on her Facebook page in which she is wearing her off-the-shoulder, taupe-colored wedding gown while hugging her grandmother, with no McNaney in sight.

This is Volpe's first marriage and McNaney's second; he has two sons, to whom he's a devoted dad, with his first wife.

According to a KARE 11 insider, Volpe kept the lengthy engagement really quiet. She showed up one day with a ring, I'm told, and after she repeatedly offered no details about when the marriage would occur, people stopped asking and lost interest.

They like keeping their private life private, McNaney told me Tuesday when I congratulated him. "I'm a really lucky human being," he said. "I keep hearing [that I'm lucky] from folks. She's tremendous, amazing. Between work and law school and time with my boys, she's great."

First Wives everywhere just love it when a guy's able to find an amazing Second Wife.

McNaney said they are holding off on the honeymoon until Volpe finishes law school in December.

I gave McNaney a little assignment. Told him to check the lyrics of "This Time I'll Be Sweeter," best sung by Angela Bofill.

A fine investigative reporter like McNaney should have no trouble honing in on the words I'm calling most to his attention.

Enjoy your summer

Oh, to have the summer housing problems of Philip Falcone.

The Iron Ranger and now ga-ga-ga-zillionaire manager of the Harbinger Capital hedge fund is renting Stone Meadow Farm, a property he once tried to purchase in the Hamptons, for about $700,000 for the summer, according to the New York Post. Falcone once tried to buy the eight-acre property with its 18,000-square-foot, 10-bedroom home that Mariah Carey rented in 2009 for $125,000 a week. Falcone's renting the farm because his 13,000-square-foot mansion on a mere 1¼ acres in Sagaponack is about six months from completion, according to the Post.

Both the rental and the mansion under construction have pools, but neither is on the ocean.

In other water-related news, also known as sweating, Falcone is being investigated by the SEC for borrowing $113 million from his company to pay taxes, and he also is having problems with investors "fleeing by the billions," according to NYmag.com.

Some wedding wheels

TMZ.com says the families of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will be transported to their wedding in chauffeur-driven white Maybachs and Rolls Royce Phantoms.

"We're told that [Los Angeles'] Platinum Motorsports has told her it's not a problem" that the vehicles need to be white, states TMZ.

TMZ's Dax Holt was on the "Fox 9 Weekend Buzz" Friday talking about the latest unpretentious- little-marriage-ceremony detail to leak: He said the couple probably won't have to pay for the use of the cars. I'm guessing that being seen on the expected-to-be-televised, currently-estimated-at-$10-million nuptials will give any car a history which might enhance its value to a collector.

(Note to West, Mark and others who have complained: I'll consider dropping "the pride of Chaska" label for Kris Humphries. I get it -- you're not proud at all, or as West wrote in a lengthy, well-reasoned explanation: "Humphries' behavior is soooooo 'un-Chaska.' ")

Healthy soul food?

Fancy Ray, "The Best Looking Man in Comedy" (in his mind), may be getting funnier.

From his Twitter account: "Soul Daddy tried to make 'health conscious soul food.' Everybody knows when black folks want to eat healthy, they go to McDonald's."

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