. . . but perhaps not notice. Market Pantry is changing its labels. I know, I know - sit down. Perhaps consult some smelling salts. Here's the old, blunt, generic ones:

The new one:

Better, but so much white space. It has a Duncan Hines vibe. The old logo, not the new one. (The old logo was supposed to look like a sign you'd see outside a restaurant; the new one, in keeping with Hines' origins, looks like a book. But no one remembers that he wrote guidebooks for hungry travelers. Odd.)

Anyway: from the looks of some products on the web, the Market Pantry brand is being deemphasized a bit, and the type of product gets a boost. MP in smaller type, HAM in larger type. This seems to suggest the MP brand doesn't mean anything to anyone, except "cheaper house brand." It's like the unattractive Cub signage: if was nicer, you'd suspect you were paying more for everything.

Every store has house brands, with different tiers; Cub's basic house brand screams GENERIC, and their upscaled brand, Culinary Circle, could be mistaken for something at a much more expensive store. But what's Meijer's house brand? Or Lucky's? Yes, two chains you might have heard about are coming to the Metro. Maybe.

Here's a comment:

C'mon. Enough is enough! Seriously, how many grocery store chains do we need? How many acres of land do we have to pave for more parking lots? We are already one of the most heavily retailed cities per capita. This is not a good thing.

Absolutely not! Less choice and diminished competition, that's the ticket.