Welcome to the season of long shadows, a lazy sun scraping the tree tops on the southern horizon. Today the sun will shine only 8 hours and 58 minutes. That compares to 15 hours of daylight in June. In spite of a low sun angle, highs reach the 40s into next week. As snow melts, the sun’s energy will go into heating the air vs. melting slush. The result may be 50 degrees by next Thursday, as an almost springlike surge of Pacific air pushes east of the Rockies. Typical for late March, not a couple weeks away from the winter solstice. Truly remarkable.

Stating the obvious (which I’ve turned into a career), if you like snow, get out and play in it soon, because most of it will be gone within 48 to 72 hours.

A powerful El Niño signal continues to howl from the Pacific, hijacking jet stream winds — no polar air the next few weeks. In fact ECMWF (Euro) guidance suggests a major (rain) storm by next weekend. Within eight days it may be cold enough for snow — if we can muster up some moisture.

How strange to say “cold enough for snow” in December.