A.C.E.S., the flight simulation store on the third floor of Mall of America, is touching down for the last time Saturday, May 13. While not one of the mall's original tenants, ACES has been at the mall for nearly 13 years and in St. Louis Park for eight years before that. . 

When Smaaash opened late last year, ACES owner Mike Pohl saw it as a popular attraction that would bring more business to the third floor. That apparently didn't happen as the high tech go carts and virtual rlaity games may have been too much of a distraction. 

Pohl had WWII plane simulations as well as a Boeing 737 and a helicopter. 

He will now focus on the Johnson Aerospace & Engineering

High School in St. Paul. which Pohl has been a part of since 2013. "Our business has been through four life cycles before and we've always re-invented ourselves," he said. "This time we're shifting from entertainment to education. We just landed a big deal for a flight-sim lab in a Chicago school." 

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