All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. And a cool foot of fresh snow would be nice. If it were up to me (it's not), Minneapolis-St. Paul would pick up 10 feet of snow every winter with temperatures in the 20s. Cold enough to preserve snow and thick lake ice, not so cold as to annoy the seniors. Subzero is harder to rationalize.

We are sliding into a colder, snowier pattern (finally), but on Christmas, Old Man Winter will come up short. Wednesday night's coating of slush will make for a "white-ish" Christmas but won't fit the definition (an inch or more at MSP International Airport). We've picked up only 6 inches of snow in the metro, a foot below average, to date.

Expect a dry sky today and most of Christmas Day; the next system arrives Friday night and Saturday with an inch or two possible, maybe enough to shovel and plow. Roads may be greasy on Saturday; Sunday should be the better travel day.

Expect a few days in the teens and low 20s next week, but milder, Pacific air returning during the first week of January. Amazing persistence.