First of all, we love and loathe this ESPN clip from the NBA draft for the graphic: What it said about Jonny Flynn -- and what it said about the David Kahn-era Timberwolves, even if it was intended to be a critique of Jonny Flynn, the guard drafted instead of Stephen Curry.

"Must Improve: Decision Making."

Decision making? Sounds like something the Wolves will confront once again next week when they have the first pick in the NBA draft.

But we invite you to hone in on other highlights in this video.

**Yes, Golden State took Curry with the next pick. But watch for the "best available" player waiting to be selected, according to ESPN college basketball expert Jay Bilas.

**Listen for the former coach, who likes the pick "because Jonny Flynn is a guy who can score." The guy is a coach who ended up coaching Curry, until the coach got canned.

**The scene in the Wolves "war room" after the pick was announced.

**The analyst quote about Flynn being an "outstanding athlete" and the idea of teaming him with Ricky Rubio "is not such a bad thing." (That never happened, of course, because the Wolves traded Flynn to Houston to make room for Rubio when he joined the team.)

Yes, the Flynn pick was a bust. But remember, it's easy to be a genus in real time and an idiot afterward.

Have fun watching:

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