Two leagues are potentially headed for labor showdowns: the NFL and NBA. Just as it's tough to feel sympathy for the NBA -- which claims it will lose $400 million a year -- when you look at salaries like these doled out by owners and GMs, it's also staggering to think of an NFL team being willing to shell out a 4-year, $16 million contract, including $9 million guaranteed ... for a kicker. Yes, we know it's the Raiders. But still, per

The Oakland Raiders and Sebastian Janikowski reached agreement Tuesday morning on the richest kicking contract in NFL history, according to league sources.

Janikowski will sign a four-year, $16 million contract that includes $9 million in guaranteed money, sources said. It also removes arguably the top kicker from the free-agent market. Other notable free-agent kickers are expected to include Cincinnati's Shayne Graham and the New York Jets' Jay Feely.

Keep in mind: Ryan Longwell's 5-year deal, signed in 2006, was worth half of that annually.