The weather is fantastic and so was the commute on Thursday morning. With only a handful of crashes, delays were minimal all morning.

Things didn't start out on a great note as two wrecks on Hwy. 36 brought traffic to a crawl through Roseville. One at Lexington Avenue and another at Dale Street during the 6 a.m. hour added a bit of time for the drive. But once they cleared out, thing moved right along.

A wreck on southbound 35W at the Crosstown split in south Minneapolis created a minor jam around 8:10 a.m.  The left lane was blocked for a few minutes. But that was short lived and traffic cleared out quickly.

The only snag at this hour is a wreck on the left shoulder of eastbound 94 at I-394 in Minneapolis.

On the rest of the system, the garden-variety fender benders that popped up didn't impact traffic adversely. All in all, Thursday turned out to be a normal, routine commute, one we'd take any time.

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