Tuesday's morning rush hour was certainly more active than Monday's when many people were off for the MLK holiday. But in the grand scheme of things, it was not too bad.

Commuters on southbound 494 bore the brunt of congestion as a crash at the railroad bridge just north of Rockford Road tied up traffic for the last half of the rush.  A MnDOT First Unit and the State Patrol did get the carnage moved off to the right shoulder, but the gawker effect slowed the drive there. The good news is that crash just cleared.

MnDOT reported only a handful of crashes throughout the morning. And for the most part only small pockets of congestion slowed the drive into the office.  Roads were in good winter driving condition, and that certainly helped.

Wednesday might not be so nice. The forecast is calling for snow over night Tuesday into Wednesday morning. It's not supposed to snow a lot, up to 2 inches max, but we have all seen that it only takes a little to grease up the roads and create havoc.

I'll be here to guide you around any trouble that develops. Let's hope that won't be necessary.

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