You know it's slippery when law enforcement has trouble. This St. Paul police car wiped out on the ramp from southbound 35E to westbound 94.

That was one of probably more than 100 wrecks on the system this morning, and they just keep coming.

At present, there are at least 14 crashes on the system. Among the newest include northbound Hwy. 100 at John Martin Drive and a truck that landed on its side on the ramp from Main Street to southbound I-35E in Lino Lakes.

Elsewhere, westbound 494 is a cluster with traffic barely moving from Hwy. 5 to Hwy. 100. The good news there is that the lane blocking crash at France Avenue has cleared. Still, it's close to 40 minutes to get through there.  And now, a new crash on westbound 494 at Lyndale will keep things gummed up.

Traffic doesn't move much better on northbound 35W with 40 minutes needed from Burnsville to Minneapolis.

Both directions of I-94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul still have issues. Eastbound has a crash at Hwy. 280.  Westbound is crash free for the moment, but traffic is still recovering from a spate of earlier mishaps.

For the rest of the metro, here is the current list from MnDOT.

6 Crash on Mainline   I-35E SB @ T.H.36 WB Left lane blocked Fri @ 08:49
8 Crash on Mainline   T.H.36 WB Just cleared Fri @ 08:30
507 Crash on Mainline   T.H.77 NB @ Diffley Rd Left shoulder blocked Fri @ 07:57
284 Crash on Exit   I-35W NB @ T.H.36 EB Ramp Closed Fri @ 08:52
719 Crash on Mainline   I-694 EB @ T.H.36 EB Left lane blocked Fri @ 08:26
37 Crash on Mainline   I-35E NB @ Maryland Ave Left lane blocked Fri @ 08:57
17 Crash on Mainline   I-35E NB N of Deerwood Dr Left shoulder blocked Fri @ 08:48
910 Crash on Mainline   I-394 WB @ Xenia Ave Right lane blocked Fri @ 08:22
113 Crash on Mainline   I-35W NB @ 66th St Right lane blocked Fri @ 08:51
640 Crash on Mainline   I-35W SB @ Co Rd I Just cleared Fri @ 08:21
226 Crash on Mainline   T.H.100 NB @ 57th Ave Left shoulder blocked Fri @ 08:56
819 Crash on Mainline   T.H.100 NB @ Humboldt Ave Left lane blocked Fri @ 08:31
281 Crash on Mainline   T.H.280 NB @ Energy Park Dr Left shoulder blocked Fri @ 08:52
701 Crash on Mainline   I-94 WB @ T.H.252 Just cleared Fri @ 08:37
420 Crash on Mainline   I-494 WB @ Lyndale Ave Left lane blocked Fri @ 08:58
840 Crash on Mainline   I-94 EB W of T.H.280 Left shoulder blocked Fri @ 07:21

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