Traffic trouble in the east metro includes westbound 94, which has pockets of slow and go traffic from Manning Avenue over to 694 and from Johnson Pkwy. into downtown St. Paul.

The big mess in the area of the Mendota Bridge. The bridge is down to one lane in each direction. The result is stagnation on eastbound Crosstown from 43rd Avenue to the bridge. On westbound Hwy. 55, a long back up stretches back to I-494 while westbound Hwy. 110 creeps along from 35E across the bridge.

The Crosstown also is filling westbound from 28th Avenue to I-35W while eastbound drags from Hwy. 100 to 35W.

Speed is nonexistent on southbound I-494 and Hwy. 169 from Bass Lake Road down to I-394.

Southbound Hwy. 100 is languishing from 36th Avenue through the work zone down to Excelsior Blvd.

Here are some current travel times:

North metro

Southbound 35W from 95th Avenue to downtown Minneapolis: 24 minutes

Southbound 35E from County 96 to I-94: 23 minutes.

Eastbound Hwy. 10 from Hwy. 169 to 35W: 17 minutes

Westbound 694 from 35E to Hwy. 252: 15 minutes. Eastbound is 10 minutes.

West metro

Eastbound 94 from Hwy. 101 to 494: 15 minutes

Southbound 494 from 94 down to 394: 28 minutes

Eastbound 394 from 494 to 35W via 94: 9 minutes

Southbound Hwy. 169 from I-94 to Crosstown: 33 minutes

Southbound Hwy. 100 from I-94 to Crosstown: 27 minutes

South metro

Northbound 35W from County 42 to Crosstown: 15 minutes    To downtown Minneapolis: 25 minutes.

Northbound Cedar Avenue from 35E to the Crosstown: 10 minutes

Northbound 35E from County 42 to downtown St. Paul: 23 minutes

Northbound 169 from Canterbury Road to 494: 15 minutes

Eastbound Hwy. 212 from Dell Road to Crosstown: 5 minutes

Westbound 494 from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 100: 13 minutes.  Eastbound 494 from Hwy. 169 to 35W: 6 minutes

Westbound Crosstown from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 169: 12 minutes   Eastbound Crosstown from Hwy. 100 to Cedar Avenue: 14 minutes

East metro

Westbound 94 from Manning Avenue to downtown St. Paul: 22 minutes

Westbound 94 from 35E to the Lowry Hill Tunnel: 12 minutes.

Westbound Hwy. 36 from Edgerton Street to 35W: 9 minutes.

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