There is no getting around crashes and spin outs as they litter nearly all the major arteries. It's goes without saying, roads are slick and crammed.

Drive times are at least double and in cases triple what they are on a day when roads are dry.   For now, here is where you'll run into trouble spots:

  • Eastbound Hwy. 12 at Hwy. 101
  • Westbound 94 at Cretin Avenue. Traffic jams at Dale Street
  • Westbound Hwy. 36 at Hwy. 61.  Left lane blocked.
  • Southbound 35E at I-494.
  • Northbound Cedar Avenue at McAndrews Road and Diffley Road.
  • Westbound 494 at Pilot Knob Road and ahead at France Avenue. Crammed from Hwy. 5 to Hwy. 100
  • Eastbound 94 at Hwy. 280 has the left shoulder blocked.
  • Northbound 694 at 10th Street in Oakdale.  Southbound has the left lane blocked at Hwy. 36
  • Southbound 35W at County I where the right shoulder is blocked.
  • Ramp from northbound Hwy. 100 to eastbound 694 blocked with a spin out

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