The snow overnight didn't have much impact on the roads and we have not had many crashes, but it's been a bear out there.

The big time delays on westbound 694 from 35E to Hwy. 252 don't seem to have an explanation. We have no crashes, but things are really bunched up between 35W and University Avenue.  It's 20 minutes for the drive from 35E to Hwy. 100.

Traffic maps also are red on northbound Cedar Avenue from 138th Street up to 494. That's crawling along at 15 to 18 minutes.

Northbound 35E is plugged up from Pilot Knob Road up to the Minnesota River, making for a 25-minute ride from Apple Valley to downtown St. Paul.

And northbound Hwy. 169 is up to its usual tricks with sluggish traffic from Canterbury Road up to 494. That trip is 14 to 17 minutes.

Where we did have crashes, traffic is still trying to recover. That is on eastbound 94 from Albertville to Maple Grove and northbound 35W from Burnsville to downtown Minneapolis.

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