A crash in the left lane of southbound Hwy. 169 at 36th Avenue has traffic stacked up back to 63rd Avenue. It's 20 minutes from 94/694 down to Hwy. 7.

The drive on northbound Hwy. 100 is quickly coming to a halt on due to a crash at Minnetonka Blvd. Things snarl at Hwy. 7.

They've finally cleared the stalled vehicle on westbound Hwy. 36 at 35W. With the road open, things should get back to normal in a few minutes. For now, it's slow from 35E past the junction with 35W.  A crash remains on the right shoulder at 35W.




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8:40 a.m. update: Gridlock persists on 35W

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6:35 a.m. update: Crash on Hwy. 36 at 35W