The old stereotype about seniors avoiding the Internet has become just that: an old stereotype.

According to the Pew Research Center, the 65-plus crowd actually loves to use the Internet. Nearly a third of American seniors are on Facebook alone.

A survey, which polled 2,000 adults in October, uncovered a huge jump in seniors on every major social network. Since 2013, for instance, the number of seniors on Facebook grew 11 percentage points, to 56 percent. And on Twitter and Instagram, their numbers doubled and sextupled, respectively.

Signs of the senior invasion of the Internet have been cropping up for months. First a 114-year-old woman joined Facebook. Then researchers began advocating seniors' Internet use as a means of cutting isolation and depression risks.

But fear not, besieged whippersnappers: The Olds can't keep this up forever. Before too long they'll be gone, and Facebook will be gone, and some as-yet-uninvented technology will be the hot new thing.

Call it the 21st-century circle of life: The Youngs will be the new Olds, crotchety and late-adopting, rising to take the old Olds' place.