Do you have your Thanksgiving plan in order? If not, let us help with this last-minute guide to the classics (and some soon-to-be classics). Click on the following articles to get started.


Don't let anyone tell you different: there's an art to making good gravy.


Every bird needs a co-star, and these sides have been cosigned by the experts.


While there's nothing wrong with cranberries in a can (or is there?), this guide will give you some funky twists on the holiday favorite.


You'll need rolls on that table. This recipe is a surprising knockout.


The best turkey recipe out there, from the master herself.


Once you're all ready to eat, the last thing you want to do is mess up the bird with poor carving skills. This should help:


Don't forget dessert! Ditch that old pumpkin pie for something, er, more exciting.


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