Other collectible Minnesota discs:

Accents, "No One Heard You Cry" 45 (issued on the Bear label)

Bedlam Four, "Hydrogen Atom" 45 (Armada)

Blue Kats, "Oh Yeah" 45 (Gaity)

Steve Carl & the Jags, "18 Year Old Blues" 45 (Meteor)

Calico Wall, "I'm A Living Sickness" b/w, "Flight Reaction" 45 acetate (Dove)

Ed Cree & Minnesota Marv, "White Lightning" 45 (Cuca)

The Electras, "Soul Searchin' "/"This Week's Children" 45 (Scotty)

The Electras, "I'm Not Talkin' " 45 (Scotty)

The Electras, "Dirty Ol' Man" 45 (Scotty)

Steve Ellis & the Starfires, "Songbook" LP (IGL)

Emanons, "Don't Leave Me Baby" 45 (Black & Proud)

Dale Gregory & Shouters, "Did Ya Need to Know" 45 (B-Sharp)

Highway, "Highway" LP (private)

Houle Brothers, "Dream Night" 45 (Circle Dot)

Bobby Jackson, "Cafe Extraordinaire" LP (Ninth Note)

Jades, "Blue Black Hair"/"Surfin' Crow" 45 (Gaity)

Jejune & the Jaybops, "Thunderin' Guitar" 45 (Zero)

Kai-Ray, "Trashman's Blues" 45 (Lodestar)

Kama Del Sutra, "She Taught Me Love" 45 (Zig-Zag)

Kan Dells, "Do You Know" 45 (Bear)

Koerner, Ray & Glover, "Blues, Rags & Hollers" LP (Audiophile label, not the Elektra reissue)

The Kreed, "This Is Kreed" LP (private)

Terry Lee & the Poor Boys, "My Little Sue" 45 (Soma)

The Lewis Connection, "The Lewis Connection" album (P.A. Productions)

The Litter, "Action Woman"/"A Legal Matter" 45 (Scotty)

The Litter, "Action Woman"/ "Substitute" 45 (Warick)

The Litter, "I'm a Man"/"Somebody Help Me" 45 (Warick)

The Litter, "$100 Fine" LP (Hexagon)

Meat Department, "This Week's Children" 45 (Polar Bear)

McDonald & Sherby, "Catharsis" LP (Omniscient)

Mind & Matter, "Sunshine Lady" 45 (M&M)

Orbits, "Queen Bee" 45 (Space)

The Paisleys, "Cosmic Mind at Play" LP (Peace)

Readymen, "Shortnin Bread" 45 (Bangar)

Rhythm Rockers, "Crisis" 45 (Gaity)

Tom Scott, "Record Hop" 45 (Hep)

Shandells, "The Gorilla" 45 (Bangar)

Shattoes, "Surf Fever" 45 (Studio City)

Smart Alex, "Chitter Chat" 45 (Lickety Split)

Starliners, "Live at Papa Joes" LP (LeJac )

String Kings, "Blood Shot"/"The Bash" 45 (Gaity)

The Stylle Band, "If You Love Me" 45 (private)

Sunrise, "Sunrise" LP (Melody Recording)

Jim Thaxter & Travellers, "Sally Jo" 45 (Ariel)

Ron Thompson, "Switchblade" 45 (Soma)

The Turnbuckles, "Super Destroyer Mark II" 45 (Break'er)

Mike Waggoner & the Bops, "Baby Baby" 45 (Vee)

Morris Wilson, "Morris Wilson!" LP (Mowil)

The Yetti-Men/Uppa Trio split LP (Kal)

Michael Yonkers, "Thy Will Be Done" LP (private)