Right about now, the land of 10,000 lakes is feeling like the driest place on the planet.

We’ve been regularly bombarded for months with forced heat inside and icy blasts outside. It causes no end of woes: chapped lips, wind-burned cheeks and itchy, scaly patches. (Baring our faces to the biting cold cannot be working wonders for fine lines, either.)

Because we are intrepid folk, we’ve developed some effective coping strategies. They are, admittedly, luxe.

When your skin is ailing, it’s time to turn to aestheticians such as the following, who have filled the Twin Cities with cucumber-watered, tinkly-tuned spas and their tempting lists of treatments. Some are familiar, some surprising.

Ever heard of dermaplaning? It’s a favorite of supermodels and TV stars that “scrapes” the top layer of your skin. Or how about an ultrasonic infusion? Think of them both as healthy-skin magic wands.

Fancy jargon aside, treatments such as the following five can erase winter’s harsh punishment and put you on the crocus-lined path to spring. We can feel that humid July juiciness already.



What it is: A manual exfoliating facial service.

What to expect: Often called the “supermodel’s secret,” dermaplaning is a manual way of exfoliating the top layer of the skin and removing peach fuzz with a scalpel or razor-like device (much less scary than it may sound). The procedure can reduce the appearance of fine lines and allows skin care products — serums! moisturizers! — to sink in properly and deliver on promises. This no-downtime, painless service is safe for sensitive skin and especially awesome for aging skin. Added bonus: Makeup lies better on the newly resurfaced skin, too. And no, that peach fuzz will not grow in darker or coarser. The speedy service is followed by a cooling, soothing facial.

Price: $100 for full facial and dermaplaning service.

Where to get it: Book with Desiree Abhiram at Bellacu, 1200 Centre Point Drive, Mendota Heights, 651-686-0440, bellacu.com


Body Polish and Wrap

What it is: Aromessence Body Polish and Wrap.

What to expect: This is the treatment people see in their minds when they hear the word “spa.” The luxe, relaxing service involves the following: a pre-exfoliation steam bath, full-body exfoliation with a scrub and a full-body mask application, which is then sealed in with a warm blanket wrap. After a nap, you’ll rinse in the Swiss shower, and then have special oils and lotions applied for a finishing touch. Choose from three options: Relax, Purify or Sculpt.

Price: $125 for nonmembers.

Where to get it: The Marsh, 15000 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, 952-935-2202, www. themarsh.com


Detox & Glow

What it is: A full-body exfoliation, massage with oil, hot stone placement, reflexology and scalp treatment.

What to expect: This is a more-is-more treatment from the massage gurus at the modern and minimalist Spot Spa. A dry-brush exfoliation kicks off the service (a practice favored by Scandinavians for its detoxing properties), paired with a foot soak. A full-body application of vitamin C Serum comes next, plus hot stones to relax and repair muscle tension. Truly tip to toe, the service includes foot massage and scalp treatment. Leave hydrated and fully relaxed.

Price: $125.

Where to get it: Spot Spa, 21 SE. 4th St., Mpls., 612-331-4182; 1600 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-823-7768, spotspas.com


Microdermabrasion and Ultrasonic Infusion

What it is: Mechanical exfoliation and hydration of the skin.

What to expect: This effective, but not overly aggressive, exfoliation treatment is combined with a masque or gentle peel for a two-step prime-and-polish. To begin, a diamond-tipped mechanized wand removes the top layer of dead skin cells. To nourish cells underneath, hydrating products are applied with the ultrasonic wand. The microderm feels a bit like a gentle vacuum with gritty exfoliation, but isn’t painful, and the infusion is cooling and soothing. Ask for the Turn Back Time treatment, which includes these services, or add microdermabrasion to any facial treatment for an added fee. Maggie Miley Kelly and Kate Williams’ philosophies toward skin care mean you never walk out feeling overdone — just refreshed and relaxed.

Price: $149-$159.

Where to get it: Complexions on Carter, 2228 Carter Ave., St Paul, 651-238-2338, www.complexions oncarter.com


Mud Mask

What it is: The archetypal spa treatment with some modern updates.

What to expect: Following the exfoliation-then-moisturize formula, this service is anything but formulaic. Lie back on a cushioned table as your body is scrubbed down with jojoba body scrub and rinsed with a Vichy shower (that is, multiple showerheads that cascade down on you, massage-like). Get cocooned in a mineral mud mask, renowned for healing and moisturizing properties. Consider yourself mush the rest of the day.

Price: $152 for nonmembers.

Where to get it: Hotel Ivy, 201 S. 11th St., Mpls., 612-343-3131, ivyspa club.com


Katie Dohman is a Twin Cities-based freelance lifestyle writer.