The casts of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” get the most accolades (and fattest paychecks), but here are five other voice-over artists who deserve a shoutout:

H. Jon Benjamin (voice of “Bob’s Burgers” on Fox and “Archer” on FX): Deadpan delivery has never sounded so alive as it does coming from the lips of high-strung Bob Belcher and low-key Sterling Archer.

Olan Rogers (“Final Space” on TBS): The smartest move the creator of this sci-fi parody made was casting himself as the lead character, an accidental space explorer convinced that the Force is with him.

Mo Collins (“F Is for Family” on Netflix): The former Brave New Workshop sketch comic boldly takes on any part thrown her way in this contemporary take on “All in the Family,” earning an Emmy nomination last year for an episode in which she played five parts.

Alison Brie (“BoJack Horseman” on Netflix): She’s terrific as an ambitious wrestler in Netflix’s “GLOW,” but the “Community” veteran is also delivering a knockout performance as feminist Diane Nguyen amid a cast, including Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris, that is the best in the biz.

Nick Kroll (“Big Mouth” on Netflix): The comedian expertly taps into the naughty seventh-grader in all of us in this coming-of-age tale you never saw on ABC’s after-school specials.