Buying a house is an emotional journey. Here are five keys to a smooth closing:

Get preapproved

Working with a lender to secure financing ahead of time determines what you can afford and helps unearth any speed bumps that might impact your chances of closing on a property.

Listen to your lender

Be prepared for a mountain of paperwork. And just when you think you’re done submitting the last forms, the bank will want something more. Respond promptly.


Ask questions, review documents

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your Realtor, title company, attorney or lender, and be sure to read through the documentation detailing the sale.

Double-check the property

Schedule a walk-through of the property a few days before closing. That way, there’s still time to address any issues that aren’t resolved.

Stay calm

Be flexible, be responsive, and above all, remain calm.

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