Your closet is more than just a place to put your stuff. It’s often the first place you check in the morning, which means it can set the tone for your whole day. Here are five tips to add order to your closet and your life.

1. Purge clothing: Keep your collection of clothing under control with a purge every year. Ask yourself these questions: Have you worn it in the past year? Does it still fit? Does it make you feel good about yourself? Is it in poor condition? Is it outdated? If you were shopping today, would you buy it? If it doesn’t pass those tests, it’s time to say goodbye.

2. Organize clothing: Keep skirts with skirts and pants with pants, and organize every category by color internally. This does more than just make things easier to find — it also turns that random collection of colors into a pleasing rainbow within your closet.

Save space by packing all of your off-season clothing into plastic containers with lids, then store it at the top or bottom of the closet to free up real estate for current clothing. Label the bins “winter” on one side and “summer” on the other. When you change clothes out at the end of the season, just flip the bins around.

3. Use simple solutions: If you have a tangled collection of wood, plastic and wire hangers, replace them with an orderly set of matching hangers that will cause less chaos. Add dividers to shelves to keep different things from spilling into one another. Hooks on the wall or door add more useful storage space (and low-mounted hooks encourage kids to get into the act).

4. Hire a pro organizer: A professional organizer can bring the ultimate in luxury and order to your closet. Most organizers charge by the hour, with the average range falling between $55 and $85. Once you factor in the cost of materials and installation, the average closet organization system costs about $1,600. (Your closet didn’t become disorganized in a short time, so allow several hours or even a few days for your pro to complete the process.)

5. Replace the door: A new door can revitalize your closet and change the way you use it. You’ll usually pay between $150 and $500 to replace a closet door, though this can go up for bigger or specialized ones.