The master bedroom is a place for privacy, tranquillity and relaxation. For many, the master bedroom is also a place where they may choose to splurge, perhaps on sumptuous bedding or the handcrafted bed they have always wanted. But the reality is you don’t have to break the bank to create an appealing bedroom. With the bed as the room’s focal point (and typically the biggest-ticket item), here are five tips for an affordable and aesthetically appealing look.

1. Use the hutch of a sideboard or a bookcase. Perhaps you’re looking to create a sleek look in your dining room and want to remove the upper portion of an oversized hutch. What better way to give it a new purpose than to turn it into a headboard!

2. Use a large horizontal stripe across the wall where the bed sits. A 9-inch-wide horizontal stripe in an interesting contrasting color can make a colorful and creative headboard, especially for those who desire the look and feel of a low platform bed.

3. Use a door panel or old door. Companies that sell kitchen cabinets are a great source for large cabinet filler strips or pantry doors. Simply grab one and place it at the head of a mattress on a frame.

4. Use a series of photographs or a large canvas. What better way to create a headboard than to use a great piece of artwork or a series of interesting photos?

5. Pallets are perfect for creating an affordable bed. You can use wood pallets as a headboard, or place several of them on the floor to create a base for a platform-style bed. Want to have a little fun with it? Consider painting the pallets!

Cathy Hobbs is an interior design and home-staging expert with offices in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C.