Food allergies can have serious health repercussions with reactions from mild to life-threatening. Here are six numbers to know about allergies, especially as allergies and intolerances become more common.

1.6 million

Young people with a peanut allergy, which is the most common food allergy.

1.4 million

Children and adolescents with a milk allergy.

1 in 5

Children with allergies who went to an emergency room at least once in the previous year after an allergic reaction.


Youths who were studied who were allergic to more than one food. Other common allergens are shellfish, tree nuts, eggs, fin fish, wheat, soy and sesame.


Sesame’s rank among common allergens, but one of every three kids with a sesame allergy had been to the ER in the previous year.


People younger than 18 assessed in the study.