How did you listen to your music?

Baby boomers: LPs and, later, eight-tracks.
Gen X: Mix tapes — on your Sony Walkman.
Xennials: Burned CDs — on your Discman.
Millennials: Pirated tracks — on your iPod.
Gen Z: Whatever you want, however you want, via Apple Music, Spotify, etc.


How did you watch ‘Star Wars’?

Baby boomers: It was something your kids made you do.
Gen X: Saw the original trilogy in the theater.
Xennials: Watched the trilogy on VHS, which you taped off the TV or got from a rental store.
Millennials: Saw the prequels in the theater, and thought Jar Jar Binks was cute.
Gen Z: Got your parents to pre-order tickets for you to see “The Last Jedi” next week.


How did you meet friends at the mall?

Baby boomers: Rode there together in your Corvette.
Gen X: Showed up at a specified time and location and hoped they did, too.
Xennials: If they didn’t show up, you paged them from a pay phone.
Millennials: Texted them from your cellphone.
Gen Z: The mall?