The small screen is trying to make us forget the big one.

Recently in this space I discussed “Helstrom.” Before that, I focused on “Star Trek: Prodigy,” “M.O.D.O.K.,” “Invincible” and several other upcoming TV shows, all discussed at New York Comic-Con.

And. There. Is. Still. More.

“Moon Knight”: Here’s some big news — Oscar Isaac is in talks to portray Moon Knight for Marvel’s TV arm. For those who don’t know, Moon Knight is Marc Spector, a former Marine and mercenary whose life was saved by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, with the promise to be the deity’s avatar on Earth. Spector was granted mild superpowers in the form of enhanced strength, speed and durability, which wax and wane with the moon.

As a bonus, Spector also suffers from dissociative identity disorder, meaning you get multiple characters for the price of one. In addition to Moon Knight, Spector’s other personalities include cabbie Jake Lockley and millionaire Steven Grant. The latter finances Moon Knight’s crusade.

If Isaac signs on the dotted line, he’s another A-lister to feather Marvel’s cap, and welcome news to fans. We already know how well Isaac can handle genre fare, given his portrayal of Poe Dameron in the latest Star Wars trilogy and the titular villain in “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

“Green Lantern”: Given the critical drubbing that Ryan Reynolds’ “Green Lantern” received, one might think the property radioactive. One would be wrong.

HBO Max has placed an order for 10 one-hour episodes of “Green Lantern” the TV series. It’s expected to be a deluxe production like “Watchmen,” which means it might have a bigger budget than the movie.

It’s also got a murderer’s row of creators. Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” (novel) and the “Lego Batman Movie” (screenplay), is the showrunner. The Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti is a producer, and co-writer of the first episode.

“Nick Fury”: What could possibly induce megastar Samuel L. Jackson to star in a small-screen production? How about a “Nick Fury” series?

The recent announcement by Variety had few details, so there’s no telling what “Nick Fury” (if it’s called that) will be about. Will it continue the story from the teaser scene in “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” with Fury in space? (Most observers think he’s building the space station from S.W.O.R.D., the Sentient World Observation and Response Department, which in the comics guards Earth from invasion.)

Will it have Big Name guest stars? Maybe, since Jackson has always been the vital linchpin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in 11 Marvel movies (so far) and two episodes of “S.H.I.E.L.D.”