Was April 13 the date the curse of the Twins and Wolves was lifted? The Twins have been unstoppable at home since, and on that night the Knicks won and gave the Wolves the best chance in the NBA draft lottery.


It doesn't get much better than Game 7 in any sport, but particularly the NHL playoffs. The Lightning and Rangers are both vying for a spot in the finals. First team to seven goals wins? 7 p.m., NBCSN.


"AP, I don't disagree that the NFL contracts are uniquely tilted toward management, but hey, it's been that way forever and nobody forced you to play in the NFL. Who else is going to pay you 13 million big ones for running an oblong ball down a field?"

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"Anyone who thinks Flip — who loves coaching > than personnel — is going to pass up chance to mentor Wiggins + #1 overall in '15 draft is loco."