Once you've stormed off the ice at practice, you don't have a lot more cards to play as a head coach. That's not to say Mike Yeo is in any sort of trouble, but he should also be hoping that his meltdown leads to wins.


Chicago vs. Wild was already going to be appointment viewing after last year's playoff series and this year's Wild desperation, but Mike Yeo's antics Wednesday make us double down on the interest level. 7 p.m., FSN.


"The fire Yeo crowd should remember one thing. If I was Craig Leipold and Chuck Fletcher came to me with the idea of firing Yeo, I would tell him he's gone, too."

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"Craig Biggio was one of my childhood heroes. I have proof! Congrats on being selected to the Hall of Fame!"

Mark Appel, Astros minor league pitcher, who posted a childhood picture with Biggio.