If you weren't at Target Field for Thursday's opener but instead watched on FSN, you might have had this thought: "Hey, is that … nah, it can't be. But … it sure looks like Paul Molitor sitting in the front row behind home plate."

Your eyes were not deceiving you. The former Twins manager, less than six months removed from being fired, was sitting in those very prime seats and wearing sunglasses.

The camera from center field had him in plain sight for viewers to see on pretty much every pitch Thursday.

It was … odd? But maybe OK?

Taylor Rogers, who recorded four outs to close the game for the Twins, said after the game that seeing Molitor in the seats took him by surprise but that it "shows the kind of man he is" that he still feels connected to the team.

Those seats are about the only way to be closer to the game than if you were sitting in the dugout.

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