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1. A quality education for our citizens at reasonable cost.

This includes a strong component in the humanities - the core of a university.

2. A research component. Opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral students.

3. Research in basic sciences and engineering as well as other applied areas, especially plant science and agriculture.

4. Outreach activities that allow for transferral of wisdom and practical knowledge to the citizens of the state.

5. Assistance in the stimulation and propagation of new business opportunities in the state to maintain its general welfare.

6. Output of professionals in such areas as education, law, medicine, nursing, veterinary science, pharmacy, and public health.

7. An accounting, in understandable terms, of where the people's money goes.

8. Input into the direction of the university from students, faculty, staff, the state legislature, the governor, and the citizens of the state.

How can we achieve these objectives?

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