List lovers, dig in: Forbes has released its list of TV's 15 Biggest Moneymakers based on ad revenue per average half-hour. No. 1 show is "American Idol," which makes $7 million in 30 minutes. Other shows on the list include "Grey's Anatomy," "House," "Worst Week," "Dancing With the Stars" and "Two and a Half Men." For its part, Parade's What People Earn issue lists the incomes of Americans from a wide range of jobs, from nurses to movie stars. The top spot goes to ... Barbie, who made $3.3 billion in '08. Top earners include Tiger Woods ($110 million); Jay-Z ($82 million); Beyonce ($80 million), Rush Limbaugh ($38 million) and Tina Fey ($4.6 million). The magazine says there is an income disparity between celebs and ordinary folk. (No!) Jennifer Aniston, for one, made $27 million, which is 900 times the income of Susan Meisner, a port inspector from Idaho, who made $30,000.