There was a time not long ago when a text or a phone call (remember those?) could set up an honest-to-goodness face-to-face meeting.

The game’s on.

Want to grab a beer?

Had a long day at work.

Let me buy you a beer.

Five years ago today we did that thing with those people at that place. We should do that again.

Dinner it is.

Friends are good like that. Most of us have that circle we can rely on in good times and bad for a friendly toast, good-natured ribbing or just to lend an ear.

Professional athletes and other celebrity figures run with their own crowd. The drinks might be fancier but in the end we all need a good dose of camaraderie.

For this week’s Star Tribune Sports Virtual Happy Hour, 10 writers and editors gathered remotely to welcome in 20 new members to our clique: Which Minnesota sports figures – living or dead – would we invite out for a beer and a burger (or coffee and a doughnut)?

The snake-style draft ran the gamut and produced more than a few surprises. Even a couple of history lessons.

There are dozens more sports figures in Minnesota history worthy of an invite. We have a long list of those who could have been chosen at the end of the Live Chat, which you can see by clicking below.

Who makes your list? Let us know in the comments.

Here are our staff picks:

1. Gary Anderson, former Vikings kicker (Pete Steinert, Sunday sports editor)

2. Ron Gardenhire, former Twins manager (Brian Stensaas, night web editor and golf writer)

3. Cheryl Reeve, Lynx GM and coach (Naila-Jean Meyers, senior assistant sports editor)

4. Gerry Spiess, White Bear Lake schoolteacher/single-handed ocean sailor (Paul Klauda, high school and soccer editor)

5. Kevin McHale, Hibbing basketball star (Jerry Zgoda, soccer and golf writer)

6. David Ortiz, former Twins player (Megan Ryan, Gophers football writer)

7. Glen Sonmor, former Gophers hockey coach and radio analyst (Rachel Blount, Olympics and horse racing writer)

8. Tyler George, Team USA Olympic curler (La Velle E. Neal III, Twins writer)

9. Sam LoPresti, World War II veteran and Iron Range hockey player (Chris Miller, Wild and Twins editor)

10. Brett Favre, former Vikings quarterback (Michael Rand, senior digital sports writer)

11. Doug Woog, former Gophers hockey coach (Rand)

12. Bobby Marshall, early 1900s Gophers athlete (Miller)

13. John Kundla, Lakers basketball coach (Neal)

14. Toni Stone, groundbreaking women’s baseball player (Blount)

15. Lindsey Vonn, Olympic skier (Ryan)

16. Greg LeMond, world-class bicyclist (Zgoda)

17. Lila Reiersgard, record-breaking Grand Meadow girls’ basketball coach (Klauda)

18. The Purple People Eaters, Vikings football (Meyers)

19. Bill Murray, St. Paul Saints co-owner (Stensaas)

20. Halsey Hall, former broadcaster (Steinert)

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly spelled the first name of Gerry Spiess.