European airlines impose cockpit rule

The European Union's aviation safety agency recommended Friday that airlines always have two people in the cockpit of a flying aircraft after reports that the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 had locked himself in alone to crash the plane.

European airlines, such as the Lufthansa Group that includes Germanwings, promised to implement the measure quickly.

Agency Executive Director Patrick Ky said that "while we are still mourning the victims, all our efforts focus on improving the safety and security of passengers and crews." It was the first concrete E.U. action on airline safety following Monday's crash.

The agency said airlines had to make sure "at least two crew, including at least one qualified pilot, are in the flight crew compartment at all times of the flight."

Before the recommendation, Lufthansa said it would move to the two-person rule "as soon as possible" across its airlines, which also include Austrian Airlines and Swiss Air. Brussels Airlines, which is aligned with Lufthansa, also joined.

Associated Press