A mixed-martial-arts fighter attacked two Minneapolis police officers and sent both to the hospital with head injuries from his punches, but the cops eventually overwhelmed the man with a second shot from a Taser, prosecutors allege.

Robert M. Mullen, 22, of Minneapolis, was charged Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court with assaulting a police officer, obstructing the legal process, domestic assault and disorderly conduct in connection with the brawl Monday at his grandfather’s house.

Both officers, Troy Lennander and Molly Trupe, were treated at North Memorial Medical Center for their injuries from blows to the head that Mullen landed, according to the criminal complaint. They were not admitted to the hospital and have returned to work, said police spokesman John Elder.

As the nearly 200-pound Mullen was being led from the home in the 2500 block of Vincent Avenue N. by other officers, he said he was a mixed-martial-arts fighter who has competed at Turtle Lake Casino in western Wisconsin. Mullen registered with the Minnesota Office of Combative Sports but did not finalize his application. Posted on YouTube are a few amateur bouts he fought in Minnesota.

According to the criminal complaint:

Mullen showed up in the morning at his grandfather’s house, where he occasionally stayed, to retrieve items. The grandfather called police because he feared Mullen would break down the door. He also said Mullen pushed him.

Officers approached Mullen as he was walking from the house to an SUV and yelling about getting his possessions. Mullen entered the home with the officers, who then ordered him to leave at the grandfather’s request.

Once near the front door, Mullen took a swing at Officer Lennander’s head. Officer Trupe responded by kneeing Mullen in the thigh four times, ordering him to cooperate and calling for more officers. Mullen struck Trupe in the head, leaving the left side of her face swollen.

The next thing Lennander remembered was being on his back in the family room with Mullen on top and punching the officer in the face. The numerous punches left Lennander dazed.

Trupe intervened with a neck restraint hold and pulled Mullen off of her partner. Mullen freed himself and went after Lennander again. Lennander fired his Taser twice at Mullen, bringing the brawl to an end.