A manufactured ice house is sticking out of the water at an angle after it broke through the ice on a lake 10 miles southeast of Long Prairie, Minn.

Owner Dan Fruechte of Swanville, Minn., said he put the ice house on Long Lake this week. Early Thursday, he and his son, Brad, 26, met at the house to fish for walleye after their evening-shift jobs. "The water started coming up on the ice, so we decided we better try and get it off, and it didn't happen," Dan Fruechte said. "She broke through."

Father and son made it to shore and called the Todd County Sheriff's Office.

The house was about 250 yards from shore on 7 or 8 inches of ice, Fruechte estimated -- about as thick as it's been when he's taken the house out in past years.

"The ice was too thin. They shouldn't have had it out there," said Bryan Tebben, chief deputy at the Sheriff's Office.

On Friday, Fruechte said the back 6 feet of the house was submerged, causing so much damage that it is probably totaled. The house, decked out with a flat-screen TV and stereo, is worth about $15,000, he said.