A 27-year-old man received a 10-year sentence Tuesday for a drive-by shooting that wounded a 5-year-old girl as she slept in her north Minneapolis home.

Marquell D. Johnson, of Minneapolis, was sentenced in Hennepin County District Court after being convicted last month in a bench trial on three counts: dangerous weapon — drive-by shooting, ineligible possession of a firearm and second-degree assault.

Jayda Holmes was injured Aug. 12 when Johnson fired seven shots into the lower level of a duplex in the 2100 block of N. 4th Street. A wayward bullet passed through her right foot and fractured several bones. Another bullet traveled inches within a pillow and bed where a woman was sleeping in the upstairs unit.

The girl’s mother told police she had a bad feeling because she recognized Johnson, the driver, as someone known to people living in the upper duplex.

Although the prosecution was seeking a 13-year term for Johnson, County Attorney Mike Freeman said, “This is an appropriate sentence under the present Minnesota sentencing guidelines.”

Johnson did not testify at his trial. His videotaped interview with police was played in court.

He denied involvement in the crime, but provided an inconsistent timeline and alibi, Judge Kerry Meyer wrote in her verdicts.

“Defendant was not credible in any of his statements,” the judge wrote. “…His denials and excuses lack credibility and actually incriminate him due to his outlandish statements.”