Whether you want to brighten a single space or redo an entire home, where can you save? Many low-cost alternatives can provide high style at an affordable price. Looking to get a luxurious look for less? Here are some tips and cost-saving design hacks to keep in mind:

1. Look for fabric blends. From pillow fabric to area rugs, blends of various materials are often lower in price.

2. Consider indoor/outdoor materials and fabrics. A popular cost-saving designer idea is to use indoor/outdoor area rugs indoors. Typically the rugs are modern in design, long-lasting and a fraction of the cost.

3. Source locally. A large part of the cost of an item may be related to the cost of shipping and handling. Whenever possible, pick up an item in-store.

4. Use mirrors instead of artwork. Mirrors tend to be less expensive than artwork, and can be used in pairs or in a series.

5. Go frameless. Instead of using framed artwork, consider gallery-wrapped artwork instead. The pieces are printed canvases that have been wrapped around a wood frame. Gallery-wrapped artwork is considerably less expensive than artwork that is framed.

6. Go to sample sales. Sample sales, in which floor models are sold, are a great way to score a great find at a fraction of the cost of a new item. While the items are sold as-is, they aren’t really used, and in many cases are in like-new condition.

7. Use side tables instead of traditional nightstands. Night tables will not only save money, but help to create a lighter look in a space.

8. Consider glass instead of wood. Glass tables will be a lower-cost alternative in most instances.

9. Paint. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to add color and help decorate a space.

10. Repurpose. Whenever possible, consider repurposing or re-using an existing item in a creative or unique way.

Cathy Hobbs is a New York-based TV host and interior design and home-staging expert.